An Air of Indecision

Or rather a profusely stubborn cloud. Occasionally there are times when you cannot make a decision about something, this incidentally is the issue that I struggle with: This is what I want, how I want it and I am NOT going to change. The struggle is real, people. Oh the struggle.

Not being able to decide on something is like a never ending circle, similar to choosing paint – do you want beige, cream or ecru? See? That is troubling to say the least.  Maybe it is such a challenging process for the individual mind that one enables oneself to save them from making this seemingly permanent choice by avoiding the trouble and procrastinating its importance. This may be the answer. That sometimes the best way to stop indecision is an active role in thinking and the correlation of someone’s values to their actions, which would create a more harmonious and content individual as a whole. There. Case solved.

One only has to wait until the cloud of doubt comes to follow you wherever you go. But fear not, internal conviction and assurance will be the saviour to your doubt and medicate the nervous, anxiety clenching knots out of your stomach. Just remember to try our best in living out your values and your conscious will remain well to your endeavours.

Readers, I hope that all is well with you wherever you make be.

– A.T



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