Mentor & Mentee

“Experience is the name we give to our mistakes.” – Oscar Wilde

In the years I have been taught, encouraged, critiqued and validated I have learnt that having individuals who are willing to guide you mentor you in whatever you are studying, practising, learning, or performing, there is none other (that I believe) that can provide oneself such an intellectually enriching environment to find where both your strengths and weaknesses lie. This is the key to furthering yourself, both an maturation of emotional perspective and the perspective in your respective study. Some words that have been given to me by those I have been fortunate enough to be guided by are those of resilience, perseverance, accomplishment, creativity and validation toward both the pursuit of technical excellence and internal questioning.

Although many individuals do not think in the same process as others and may make it an importance to search for individuals that share a connection of intellectual understanding throughout their lives, a mentor will be able to hopefully allow you to enrich your understanding of the field you are studying and assist in both your personal development along the way.

These are the words that I personally derive the most from:

“I know that you have the capacity to achieve incredible things, you can and you will – but it is the importance of hard work that holds together the natural ability to interpret a work and I believe that you have it in you to do this.”

“You have to find what you are passionate about which will also have financial stability, no one else is going to understand yourself like you do – so go and find it out. It will be the thing that drives you and motivates you to get up in the morning, and if you can make that your job.”

“You should aim to do what you love every single day.”

A .T


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