Bad situation or bad choices?

I pick the latter. Of course there are circumstances which lead an individual to be randomly caught up in situations that are out of their control, but usually the choices which they make will dictate the future actions they take.

For example the image of a child in the air – they are tossed by their loving parent, eyeing them cautiously to catch them and ensure their limbs are all in place once they are propped onto the ground. The height of how high they through their child will inevitably control whether they can catch their child in a safe position, and depending on their hand/eye coordination catch them simultaneously. Now for this situation, let’s say, the parent tosses their child up and up they go, and they begin to descend down to earth, the parent goes to position themselves to where the child will land but the question is – Will they be accurate enough to catch them properly?

Anyway, back to the point. Is it bad situations or bad choices? Is it bad choices that had lead a person to drink off milk that hypothetically (probably would never occur but never say never) cause bacteria to grow and send them to hospital? (very unlikely) – Probably not the best anecdote but run with it.

Maybe the bad situation is the result of bad choices, which could have been avoided if only, on the path of making these decisions one simply yanked themselves out of making them. But then again, one would have to know that they were making regrettable decisions. So maybe this is the answer, maybe one cannot know whether something is a bad decision until it has occurred and when it has occurred will define the category of whether it is a good or bad one. But this can all be said in the issue of context.

That’s all for today, I hope you are all well and do something productive today.

– A.T




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